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Here at Fresh Remedy Co, we believe in having the best active vegan skincare range that is eco friendly and sustainable. Our formulations contain potent, bioactive cellular extracts derived from our native Australian flora. 

We combine sustainably sourced crystals to make crystal colloidalas they all serve an important purpose boosting the bio availability of our vitamin rich formulas, stimulate more collagen stores and neutralise stress.

The result? A higher level of beauty brilliance to our glow worthy formulas that is truly unique.

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Most Loved

  • Amethyst Cell Serum

    My Amethhyst cell serum has helped clear my acne marks that get left behind after breakouts, my skin is much brighter now, even my dark circles are gone! So happy with this product! And feels great under my makeup. Oh and the scent is addictive, you don’t forget to use it! Thank you Fresh Remedy Co!

    - Anna

  • Peridot Radiant C Serum

    Im by no means a pro at comparing skincare, but what I can say is, after only a week of using peridot serum, my face is feeling super hydrated & soft. I cant wait to see the long term benefits of this product. It is not greasy, and a little bit goes a long way! Thankyou for introducing me to the world of serums!

    - Raina

  • Emerald & Rose Quartz Gem Exfoliant

    I love this exfoliating cleanser!! It smells so beautiful and is the perfect amount of exfoliant. I was intrigued reading about the rose quartz micro crystals and bamboo granules that I had to try it. It truely is a wonderful cleanser that makes me look and feel beautiful and leaves me with soft skin.

    - Sarah

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