We combine sustainably sourced crystals to make crystal collodials as they all serve an important purpose boosting the bio availability of our vitamin rich formulas, stimulate more collagen stores and neutralise stress. This brings a higher level of beauty brilliance to our glow worthy formulas that is truly unique. 

To elevate our crystal water mists, we use a unique crystal alchemy process to maximise the skin hydrating powers and energetic properties of our formulas. Our raw crystals are gently stabilized and imbued with the positive energetic information from crystals by passing it through vortex bottles so it flows in spirals – just as it would in waterfalls and natural rivers. This is done by using a vortex mixer. Creating vibrations in the water, vortexing water charges it, allowing it to hold energy, which makes sure a higher amount of actives and and nano sized crystal minerals penetrate even deeper into the skin cells. The filtered crystal water is also imprinted with 528hz frequency, this frequency has been scientifically proven to repair DNA and infuses a love healing frequency from our pure 99.9% quartz singing bowl.


What is a Crystal Colloidal?

Our Crystal Colloidals are made on site by carefully distilling the raw crystal or stone into a water phase  put through the process of electrolysis with a low voltage which is gently infusing the minerals and vibrations into the water. There is a smaller particle size so the final product is a clear water full of crystal nano sized particles that is readily available to be absorbed into the skin. Since these ionic colloids are made from a natural crystal or stone they contain more of the natural mineral goodies and hasn't been heated treated and purified like some colloidal silver and gold on the market. Some would say that it is still alive in mineral form.


All of our products are handmade in Cottesloe, Western Australia, with weekly visits to the iconic Cottesloe beach to cleanse our crystals in the Indian Ocean, keeping the vibes pure and uplifted during formulating.