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Our article feature for top Australian beauty brands to watch 2022 below with link to the. Australian Business Journal article.

Founded by Caryn Hendrick, Fresh Remedy Co. is one of the best sustainable beauty brands on the market. They provide organic, vegan, and eco-friendly products with a mission to help women feel more confident in their own skin. Their skincare range acts as a superfood on the skin to get maximum glow and protection. 

At Fresh Remedy Co. they understand that prevention is key to reducing the accelerated aging of skin cells, which is essential for optimal healthy skin. They use cellular technology, an ultra sustainable method that delivers powerful plant extracts that will provide the antioxidants that repair damage and shield skin from environmental stressors. 

These plant extracts are then combined with their in-house crystal colloidal which gently infuses the minerals and imprints vibrations into the crystalline water, which boosts skin radiance & de-stresses skin cells. Each crystal is intentionally chosen based on its minerals and energy.

 Our Amethyst Resveratrol cell serum is formulated with Davidson’s Plum & Tasmanian Pepper berry cell extracts to stimulate collagen, brighten, and clear post breakouts marks. Infused with Amethyst colloidal, high in coenzyme manganese which helps enhance Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) within the skin, a high potency against oxidative stress. Fresh Remedy Co. is one of the most unique beauty brands and they are the start of happier, healthy skin.