Lemurian Crystal Water Crème
Lemurian Crystal Water Crème
Lemurian Crystal Water Crème
Lemurian Crystal Water Crème

Lemurian Crystal Water Crème

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Crystal water creme: A lightweight B3 day cream with vegan collagen from bio fermented seaweed lightens & brightens the skin. Contains blue light defence Marigold & broccoli cellular extracts to shield and repair from blue light pollution. With High molecular weight Hyaluronic acid draws moisture into the skin to keep optimal hydration levels all day. Contains B3 Niacinamide for reducing breakouts, balancing oil production and lightens skin. Sandalwood oil extract boosts collagen, even skin tone and firm the skin. Contains light Mango butter and coconut extracts for extra nourishing moisture to the skin without clogging pores. Hibiscus and rose extracts help regenerate and plump the skin. The coconut and sandalwood scent gives true tropical holiday vibes! 

Our blue light defence extracts, Marigold, broccoli and silver shield from blue light pollution to stop digital aging as overuse from tech devices affects our skin. Marigold and broccoli extracts  have the highest levels of the chemical compound lutein which studies have shown to be a highly effective antioxidant at protecting and repairing from pigmentation and dehydrated skin associated with blue light pollution.

We soak the lemurian crystals in certified organic rose water and sea water for 24hrs to infuse the calming crystalline properties, then infuse rainbow light from our clear crystal vogel which help to heal, de-stress and re-energise the skin and boost your mood.

Included high vibrational Lemurian crystals:
Lemurian clear quartz sphere
Faceted clear quartz  Lemurian 
Lemurian quartz key
Caribbean calcite
Blue Topaz 


Digital aging

Studies show that plant extacts high in chemical compound Lutein have the ability to protect the skin from blue light exposure. Calendula and Broccoli have the highest percentage of Lutein than any other plant to give ultimate protection and repair from blue light exposure.

The body doesn’t naturally produce Lutein antioxidants, so it is important to get these protective nutrients through food and topically applied antioxidant skincare to help filter harmful blue light.

Radiation resistant ingredients activate the skins natural sensors to prepare for blue light exposure, help protect & repair photo aging skin from pigmentation, roughness and wrinkles. Hydrating the skin with hyaluronic acid and seaweed extracts help to preserve optimal hydration levels in the skin, which gets compromised with blue light exposure & protect the skin from potential damage.

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