Lemurian Crystal Cleanse Mist
Lemurian Crystal Cleanse Mist
Lemurian Crystal Cleanse Mist

Lemurian Crystal Cleanse Mist

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Crystal cleanse Mist: Feels like a dip in the ocean with Lemurian crystal infused Certified Organic rose water, crystal selenite & Australian sea minerals which are highly cleansing on the skin & body to reduce stress and help stimulate collagen.

With wakame extracts, high in B vitamins to regulate oil production, reduce breakouts, and high antioxidants Broccoli & Marigold to protect from UV exposure. Also contains silver colloidal which is antibacterial so helps reduce inflammation & breakouts to even skin tone, great for combination skin types. Also contains low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid for a deep surge of hydration and keep skin smooth, and dewy. Selenite extract helps to deeply cleanse your aura and stimulate collagen.

The scent profile is citrusy, fruity floral. Uplifting Byron Bay Rose myrtle, Patchouli and high vibrational Angelica root.


Studies show that plant extacts high in chemical compound Lutein have the ability to protect the skin from blue light exposure. Marigold and Broccoli have the highest amounts naturally to protect and repair from blue light exposure.

The body doesn’t naturally produce Lutein antioxidants, so it is important to get these protective nutrients through food and topically applied antioxidant skincare to help filter harmful blue light.

Radiation resistant ingredients activate the skins natural sensors to prepare for blue light exposure, help protect & repair photo aging skin from pigmentation, roughness and wrinkles. Hydrating the skin with hyaluronic acid and seaweed extracts help to preserve optimal hydration levels in the skin, which gets compromised with blue light exposure & protect the skin from potential damage.

Directions: Spray liberally over face & body anytime you need to cleanse or shift the energy. Keep near computer or laptop to mist during the day to protect from blue light pollution.


Lemurian crystal energy is a feminine healing heart energy. We firstly infuse our  crystals in certified organic rose water and concentrated Australian sea water for 24hrs to infuse the calming crystalline properties, which can help to heal, de-stress, and re-energise the skin. We make crystal collodial from Lemurian Aquatine Calcite to infuse nourishing crystal minerals and crystalline frequency. Then we use an ancient Lemurian technique to infuse rainbow light from our clear quartz vogel. Lastly we infuse crystalline sound to imprint high vibrational energy to the water.

This mist is cosmically activating & awakening crystalline energies within you, and help boost your mood.

Included High Vibrational Lemurian Crystals for emotionally cleansing the auric field:

Silver Rutile Lemurian seed 

Clear Lemurian seed

Aquatine Lemurian calcite

Australian Blue Topaz

Larimar (Atlantean)




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