Venus Firming Crystal Body Butter
Venus Firming Crystal Body Butter

Venus Firming Crystal Body Butter

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Our Crystal firming body butters are formulated with Crystal mineral extracts Rose quartz, Selenite, which are highly cleansing on the body, relaxes tension, stimulates collagen & elastin production for ultra firming results. Refreshing on the skin & aura body to reduce stress, also helps protect your body from outer energies.

With nurturing and healing crystalline infusion of Aura Rose quartz, Cosmic quartz, Selenite & Jelly Rose Quartz, this high vibrational love frequency combination encourages skin repair,  & soothing support. With soft love healing energy, it opens the heart and softly helps to connect you more deeply to your body.

This lovingly made process gives an extra dose of body love support to help nourish, strengthen and firm your skin with every application. 24hrs+ nourishing hydration without an oily residue feel.

Luxurious antioxidants from Argan butter, Shea butter, native Lilly Pilly & wakame cell extracts, Ceramides, Hemp oil, Blackberry oil & Vitamin E, help to smooth, plump & firm your skin.

-Higher love Nourishment.


Three delicious organic blend scents:


Citrusy Rose with hints of honeysuckle.


Heavenly heady floral with citrus hints.


Tropical coconut oasis with citrus hints.

Fresh Ritual: Apply a small amount to hands, take a few deep breathes in for a calm & uplifted vibration, then spread the body butter to desired area of the body to nourish & moisturise.